If your child is experiencing meltdowns, sensory issues, anxiety or restrictive eating, Nutrition therapy, and my years of working with children can help. Lets have a free chat about your concerns, possible drivers and what we can do right now.

"My son was like a different child, no longer as irritable, highly anxious or down, generally happier and able to cope better with situations. Not only did his anxiety reduce but his reading and performance at school also increased dramatically, almost at exactly the same time. I am very grateful to Clare for her guidance and support. The simple change to my son’s diet has changed not only his life but the rest of the family's". Vanessa.

"What a difference this has made for our son. Addressing his diet and gut issues was such a key to him being happier and more settled". Kate

"In our first visit Clare explained that our goal would not be to remove lots of foods from my son's diet. She gave me practical solutions and not only do I feel confident in what works, his skin and behaviour are both so much better!" Kristen

"Within 1 week of our initial consultation ther was an incredible change in my son's behaviour. His daycare teachers asked me what I had been doing as he was such a changed boy." Nicole


Do you need a plan for your child that will help them thrive, but not sure where to start? Book your free consultation, and I can answer your questions.