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Nutrition Service is dedicated to bringing you and your family healthy, delicious food option whenever you're at of our location


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With so many choices of the healthy-food advisory out there, we’re at top-rated cause of homely services.


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Protein. Choose seafood, lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans, peas, soy products, and unsalted nuts and seeds.


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You know it's better to feed your kids vegetables instead of ice cream. But, what are  healthiest foods for kids

Welcome to The Childrens Nutritionist

After a career in Early Childhood, working with Special Needs children and families needing behavioural and sleep support, I was blessed with my own 3 children!

  Our journey, like many others, was not a smooth one. When my son began struggling with anxiety, behaviour and attention issues, I looked to Nutritional science for answers. After we found amazing success, I studied Nutritional Medicine so I could become a Nutritionist and help others piece together their own unique health journey. If you'd like to hear more about our story- go to the blog

  Using diet and biomedical approaches, my clients and I work together to design a simple treatment plan to suit their life. Everyone is so different so I've found a combination of being available online, and offering home visits helps to make family's health journeys easier. In addition, lots of continuing support is key to success!

I seem to have devoted my life to helping families in one way or another, working as a trained Special Needs co-ordinator, a Sleep and behavioural consultant and teaching early childhood when I was very, very young!

Living in the UK gave me the amazing opportunity to help families as a Special Needs coordinator, and then go on to work in homes both in the UK and later here on the Central Coast as a consultant for sleep and behavioural issues.

For many years I was able to help families implement plans to improve sleep routines and behaviour for happy, healthy children. For this reason, we often fit these elements into our treatment plans alongside nutrition.​​​


Would you like to help your child improve their anxiety, behavioural or sensory issues naturally?

Would you love an easy to follow plan to help your child eat new foods every day?

Book your  free 20 minute online consultation and find out how

Nutrition therapy can help your child, what may be driving their

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Our Services


1-hour consultation

In clinic or as a home visit, or zoom consultation

1 hr



Follow up consultation

Currently conducted conveniently over zoom as Telehealth.

45 min



Family home visit

Family home visits an easy-to-follow plan including my tips children to eat.

1 hr


Picky Eating

Is dietary variety of concern to you? Do you find it challenging to introduce new foods to your child? This is the place for you. 

We appreciate that picky eating can make it challenging to get enough nutrition day to day. It can also make it difficult to enjoy social outings and activities where food is shared and celebrated. 

Our picky eating services may involve support with:

  • Family mealtime environments

  • Mealtime structure 

  • Mealtime scheduling 

  • Food substitution to support nutritional adequacy 

  • Gentle exploration of new foods

  • Using neutral language around food 

Welcome to Clare Marcangelo

As a mum myself I know what it's like to desperately want your child to just be happy, and have no idea how who or what is best to help them when their issues seem to be holding them back.

Choose from home visits on the NSW Central Coast, Sydney, or online.

Specializing in gut health for:


  • Anxiety

  • digestive and feeding issues

  • allergies/intolerances

  • Children's learning, development, and behavioral issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD.

  • Parents with low energy/mood, sleep issues.

  • Early Intervention really is key, so whether it's a tiny thing or a big thing, book your appointment now!

Problem Feeding

When a child or young adult is eating less than 20 different types of food they may be a problem feeder. You or your child may also resonate with problem feeding if the individual has: 

  • Difficulty gaining weight or reaching growth milestones

  • Experiences unintentional weight loss 

  • Difficulty transitioning between food textures 

  • Excluded food groups from their diet

  • Becomes distressed when new or non-preferred foods are offered 

In therapy, our Dietitians will draw from the theories and skills of the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding to help the child or young adult engage in experiential learning with food. Our aim is to help each child or young adult have fun with food and gradually expand their food repertoire. 

Our problem feeding services may include:

  • Helping your or your child understand the origins of their feeding challenges

  • Experiential learning through play, storytelling or curiosity exercises 

  • Graduated exposure to foods 

  • Family mealtime environments

  • Mealtime structure and routine  

  • Nutrition support; supplements, food fortification