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Would you like to help your child improve their anxiety, behavioural or sensory issues naturally?

Would you love an easy to follow plan to help your child eat new foods every day?

Book your free 20 minute online consultation and find out how

Nutrition therapy can help your child, what may be driving their

issues and what you can do right now. Click below for your spot.

" My son was like a different child, no longer as irritable, highly anxious or down, generally happier and able to cope better with situations. Not only did his anxiety reduce but his reading and performance at school also increased dramatically, almost at exactly the same time. I am very grateful to Clare for her guidance and support."

"After only 3 weeks of putting in practice what Clare had advised us my husband and I saw big changes in our son's behaviour. He was more confident, less anxious and able to focus and follow direction more easily." Charlene


Clare Marcangelo is a Nutrition and Early Childhood expert who has over 20 years of experience with  children and families. She uses her knowledge of Nutritional principles, biomedical science and sleep and behaviour management to make easy, successful plans.

  Clare also conducts workshops to educate parents and teachers about Nutrition and behaviour, fussy eating and more. She is proud to contribute to the Central Coast's own Families On the Coast magazine and has spoken at many local events like Central Coast Council's "Live Well" festival.

  As a mum of 3 herself, and having firsthand experience in the doubt, fear and overwhelm things like anxiety, food sensitivity and sensory issues can bring, Clare knows how to make small changes go a long way. Click here to read more about her family's own success:

*All consultations can be covered by most major health funds, and could be covered by NDIS funding, depending on your plan, so one less costly visit.





Image by Matthew Pla
Image by Matthew Pla

Child with Pumpkin

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens
Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

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Cooking Lesson
Cooking Lesson

Woman teaching child to cook

Image by Matthew Pla
Image by Matthew Pla

Child with Pumpkin


Training and Workshops

Ask me about workshops for your Pre-school, primary school or Mother's group.

As a mum myself I know what it's like to desperately want your child to just be happy, and have no idea how, who or what is best to help them when their issues seem to be holding them back.

Choose from home visits on the NSW Central Coast , Sydney or online.

Specialising in gut health for:

  • Anxiety 

  • digestive and feeding issues

  • allergies/intolerances

  • Children's learning, development and behavioural issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

  • Parent's with low energy/mood, sleep issues.                                      

  • Early Intervention really is key, so whether its a tiny thing or a big thing, book your appointment now!

Feeding the Chickens

Clare Marcangelo

Registered Nutritionist

0404 795 677

Central Coast, NSW, Australia